Massive New Theme Park in Turkey
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Massive New Theme Park in Turkey

When a person thinks of the country of Turkey, they may not think of any major attractions. That is about to change.  There is a massive new theme park that is scheduled to open. This park is said to have around 2,000 attractions and will be three times bigger than the Magic Kingdom at Disney.

This new theme park is called Wonderland Eurasia and has opened in Ankara, Turkey.  The park is 14 million square feet and is more than just a theme park. It is a symbol for the country and there are some great new attractions that are getting the attention from visitors all around the world. Learn more tips that you can use when planing trip to Theme Park.

Massive New Theme Park in TurkeyThis theme park has 26 major attractions and 14 of those attractions are new and improved roller coasters. There are an additional 2,117 attractions for visitors to check out. There are several stages for live performances and concerts. One of the biggest attractions is the Digital Dark Ride. This is a 246-foot tower that is like nothing riders have experienced before. For those that are looking for some more fun, they can get out the dinosaur jungle. In this jungle is a 229 foot animatronic T-rex that is cool and frightening at the same time.  there are many other dinosaurs that are animated and they move and make sounds just like the real thing. With the size of this exhibit, the park is looking to set a world record for this type of attraction.  In addition to all of the rides, this theme park has the second largest fountain in the world. The water can reach 394 feet. There are roller coasters that have very sharp twist and turns.A person will feel like they are coming out of their seat while they are on this ride. There are several water rides to help a person cool down in the hot sun.

For those that want to take a break for the thrill rides there is a multidimensional theater to check out. This is not just any regular theater.  There are hologram shows that are performed as well as interactive animations.  A person can take a boat trip along the canal and see some models of famous landmarks in Turkey.  Live concerts are also beginning to the lineup.

Massive New Theme Park in Turkey

In addition to the rides in this park, there are over 2 million different types of plants that make up the landscaping.  The main entrance the park is designed after an ancient mosque and welcomes people into this park.

This theme park took over 5 years to build and was very expensive. A lot of time, work, and money was spent on the park trying to get everything perfect and attract visitors to Turkey. This park was recently opened and so fat it has become a favorite of thrill seekers.

The Wonderland Eurasia is one of the largest theme parks in the world. There are thousands of rides and attractions. There is bound to be something appealing to everyone that visits this new massive theme park.