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• iPod touch (5th generation) 
• iPad Air
• iPad mini
• iPad (3rd generation)
• iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S
• Android Smartphones
• Android Tablets

Package Contents
• Notifier Watch
• Micro USB Charger Cable 
• Quick Connect Guide.

• 1 Year Limited Warranty

The Out of this World Smartwatch that Makes Life on Earth Easier

In today’s world, people still buy watches first and foremost for fashion. The Martian Notifiersmartwatch brings the convenience of social notifications to a fashion-forward timepiece at a down to earth price.

The Martian Notifier is an attractive, colorful analog wristwatch with an integrated OLED readout that acts as a hands-free gateway to the world, keeping users well informed while their phones remain in a pocket, purse or backpack. This unique smartwatch gives Android and iOS smartphone users the ability to receive real-time alerts and notifications on their wrists. Used in conjunction with the free Martian App, you will automatically receive notifications — including Caller ID, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Email, Calendar, Instagram, Pinterest, favorite games, your bank, fitness stats, and any other alert your device allows. You can also initiate voice commands on your smartphone’s speakerphone for uses such as “read text” while you’re on the move.

• Access all of your smartphone’s alerts and notifications instantly on your wrist
• Customize alert vibration patterns for eyes-free notification awareness
• Choose which alerts are sent to your watch and which stay on your phone
• Remotely initiate voice commands on your phone’s speakerphone
• Silent alarm, hourly repeater, leash, find phone, camera shutter control, and more! 
• For iOS and Android

Product Specifications
• Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Technology (classic and low energy)
• H: 1.70 inches / 43.2mm
• W: 1.70 inches / 43.2mm
• Thickness: 0.5 inches / 12.7mm
• Weight 1.83 oz / 52 grams
• 5 days of use time (separate analog watch battery will run for up to 2 years)
• Built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery
• Analog quartz watch with accurate movement
• Upper Command Button, Lower Select Button
• 96 x 16 pixel graphic OLED display
• RGB LED light
• “Light Touch” Vibrating Motor
• 3-Axis Accelerometer
• Silicone band with stainless steel clasp
• Anti-scratch acrylic crystal
• Micro USB port for recharging and firmware updates
• 2 hours charging time
• Plastic case with stainless steel bezel


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    Every Color for Every Mood

    Smartwatches deserve Smartbands! Our Quick-Change Bands allow you to quickly change 
    to any color, with no band changing tool required.

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    Don’t spend all day staring at your phone

    Martian Notifier keeps you connected to your phone without it being in your face